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Climatic Change Effects & Green Initiatives in Nigeria

Regional Research data collated from individual and collective researchers shows that Nigeria like most parts of the world is experiencing high vulnerability to climate change and the country has suffered following: Overall decreased levels of rainfall Increased temperatures most especially in the semi-arid regions of Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Nguru, and[…]

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The Garden of Eden Comes to Life

I watched the documentary on this topic last year and was totally mesmerised by its findings – bringing to life The Garden of Eden as I had read about it in the bible. It existed, not just a figment of my biblical imagination but a real life place at Gobekli Tepe, once a Mecca to Gods creations. At Garden World we believe that the archaeological findings about the very first ‘garden’ needs to be told. The lessons from Eden are very relevant to the environmental problems we face today.

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