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Welcome to Garden World Nigeria

At Garden World we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the gardening revolution. What started as a Garden Centre business in Lagos led us (our team) on a journey to our Corporate vision of planting 1 million trees.

Nigeria is currently a world leader with one of the highest rates of forest degradation in the world. Our dedicated team also work as Environmental ambassadors to protect, restore and increase awareness of Nigeria's environmental problems. Our afforestation programs run all year round as we aim to increase awareness which remains low in Nigeria.

There is no greater climate challenge than what we are presently facing globally. As consumers we must make our actions count by making positive environmentally friendly choices in how we live, what we eat and what we use. Our conservation efforts try to solve some current environmental problems. We also run educational programs for groups and eco learners in our local community for those interested in the environment, sustainable living, urban gardening and permaculture.



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