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Welcome to Garden World Nigeria

At Garden World we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the gardening revolution. We are a Gardening Centre with our HQ in Lagos, Nigeria with plant nurseries that supply large size, beautiful indoor and outdoor plants, economy trees, shrubs and garden supplies at affordable prices. The difference is clear when you buy one of our products compared to the market.

Enjoy nature at its best on a visit to one of our beautiful, well stocked nurseries and farm great for Eco learners interested in the environment, sustainable living, urban gardening and permaculture.

We currently have 2 store promos: - GW 1118: 10% off Planters & Pots when you spend over N20,000 instore but order online. Quote code at Shop to redeem. - GW0303: Buy 2 for 1 on Queens Palm, Golden Palm, Royal Palm orders processed via online/website. Redeemable by quoting at Plant Nursery Dismiss