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Ornamental Trees for Sale

Featured Tree is the Tabebuia Rosea aka Rosey Trumpet. Available in Stock.

The Jacaranda tree is also another amazing ornamental aka the ‘Dream Tree’, one of natures most spectacular trees. Jacaranda trees put on one of the prettiest shows of any tropical tree which has led to its popularity and it being cultivated in all tropical and sub-tropical regions for its beautiful and long lasting flowers.

It got the name ‘dream’ tree due to its out of this world, distinctive purple blue long lasting blossoms/ flowers.

Jacarandas are landscape plants. They are big trees and suitable as stand-alone specimen tree in large gardens and parks; as large anchor for garden bed; along urban streets, as shade trees; lining the property border (where growing over a neighbour’s yard won’t be a problem) along both sides of a large driveway to create an overhead arching effect.

Legend has it that if you are walking underneath the Jacaranda tree and one of the trumpet blossoms falls on your head you will be favored by fortune.