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Urban Gardening Ideas~ Cement blocks

Simple and cheap steps and ideas to creating your own unique urban garden space.

Using Cement Blocks

If you are looking for raised bed garden designs, look no further!  Lagos is a densly populated urban city where many of us live in small spaces with concreted outside areas or just limited area for any movement talk more of a garden. Don’t let this stop you from realising your urban garden dream and growing your own vegetables and herbs from home. This raised garden is one of the easiest plans you can do

raised bed garden designs

It is pretty easy to find vendors selling concrete blocks in Lagos or various areas in Nigeria. I would start by purchasing at least 10-12 cement blocks as a starting point. Keep in mind when choosing a spot in your yard of what you actually want to grow.  Does it need full sun or part sun?  Shade?  Part shade?  Knowing ahead of time what you want to grow will help you determine the amount of space you need. If you want to start growing tomatoes, then you will need a sunny spot in your garden with plenty of sunlight so that your plants can happily produce their crop.

After your space and been chosen and leveled you want to lay out the blocks with the holes facing up. 

Before adding the soil, lay cardboard or plastic sheet at the bottom of the garden to prevent weeds or grass growing in your garden.  

Next you can put down a layer of rocks or straw to help with the drainage if needed.  This is not essential.

Finally you are ready to add your soil!  You can buy ready to use garden soil from any local gardener which is mixture of soil and sand. Also a bag of manure is advisable to really help your veg to grow healthy so your garden soil is nutritious and ready to yield you lots of healthy big vegetables.  You could start with planting onions, tomatoes, carrots and lots of flowers!  

Decorative urban garden

If you are looking for a purely decorative garden to beautify your ouside space then you can lay your blocks on top of one another until you create the effect you desire using the steps described above to put in your soil and then plant your flowers.