Garden World Nigeria

Case Studies

1. Residential Client- Imo state

For our client, based in Eastern Nigeria, we supplied and planted grass and trees to the allocated soft landscape areas to add a stylish and natural minimalist green look to the driveway and entrance of this country home. We used natural grass and supplied and planted Araucaria as the feature trees up front.

Plants & Services provided

  • Soft Landscaping/Exterior planting of grass and Araucaria trees
  • Maintenance of exterior until planting was established and thriving
  • Delivery of Plants to site

2. Lekki Leisure Lake

For our client, Lekki Leisure Lake located at Lekki Waterfront, we were asked to create a welcoming space for guests and staff using our horticultural expertise. We were able to enhance their exterior entrance and creative space by incorporating natural planting.

We installed exterior planters to highlight the building entrance and interior design. We also positioned GRP planters around the venue  area with fan palm, cycad palm, cactus and Dumb Cane.

Plants & Services provided

  • Exterior & Interior planters positioned to frame the building entrance
  • Planted cycad palm, Lily, dumb cane, luquana palm and Cactus
  • Office planters thoughtfully positioned for maximum visibility without any obstruction
  • Bespoke maintenance guide provided for ongoing care
  • Selected appropriate irrigation and drainage solutions