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Plant a Tree NG is a tree planting service we offer allowing you to make a 100% sustainable contribution as a gift or living legacy.

Gifting trees is an increasingly popular and heartfelt way to show your appreciation to a society, Corporate entity, Organisation or person AND help the environment by reducing carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

Whilst other material gifts may increase carbon footprint and CO2, a tree is natures gift for us to watch it grow tall and strong and one such give back that will last a lifetime.

It is also a suitable gift for any occasion in Nigeria, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, burials/memorials and so on.

10 Benefits of Gifting a tree

  • Help to restore native biodiversity
  • Leave a legacy that just keeps giving to future generations
  • Increases Oxygen into the atmosphere:  one day’s worth of oxygen for a family of four is provided by a single tree
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions:  If a tree absorbs 1 ton of carbon over its lifespan (over a 40 year life span), it’s like erasing 11,000 miles of car emissions
  • Purify the Air around you: One acre of trees has the ability to remove up to 5 tons of carbon dioxide and up to 13 tons of other particles and gases annually
  • Natural air conditioning: One mature tree has the same cooling power as 15 room-size air conditioners
  • Stress Reducer: the sight of trees reduces blood pressure, exposure to trees in schools and work place reduces stress
  • Noise Pollution reduction:  a well-placed tree can also block noise by up to 40 percent
  • Trees heal: Studies have shown that patients with views of trees out their windows heal faster and with less complications. Exposure to trees and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue
  • Trees mark the Seasons: is it rainy season or dry season? Look at the trees.

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