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Flower Pots & Planters

The right planter or pot for your plants can add that special ‘WOW’ factor to your space. Making the right choice of what to buy really depends on your pocket and your taste.

Plastic pots are generally the cheapest and can come in a vairety of colours and sizes as shown in the images. The locally sourced plastic planters are generally more cost effective.

If you are looking for something more ecofriendly then we would recommend you look at our range of environmentally friendly clay potsĀ  which you can also repaint to your taste. However, they normally are glazed with a dark mahogany finish.

Cement planters are made out of cement and generally quite heavy to move around. They are generally better placed outdoors due to their durability. Again these can also be painted to suit your exterior colour scheme or taste.

The bigger the plant you choose , the bigger the pot you will need.

It is important to note that your plant may outgrow your pot at somepoint in time and your plant health would be best served by upgrading the size of the planter once the time is right.