Garden World Nigeria

Clay Pots

Traditional oval Clay plant pots made in Nigeria.

Please check item sizes below for dimensions and price for the oval sizes as indicated in product picture.

1. Xlarge- H- 2ft5ins x50cm – 23k

2. Xlarge – H- 2ft2ins x D- 50cm – 20k

3. Large – H – 2ft 1ins x D – 45cm – 15k

4. Medium – H- 1ft 10ins x D – 41cm -10k

5. Medium H – 1ft 9ins x D – 37cm – 8.5k

6. Small – H – 1ft 4.5 ins x D- 31cm- – 8k

7.Small scallop – H- 1ft x D- 37cm -8k

Please get in touch for availability and prices for clay cook ware, clay plates and other bespoke clay items not listed above.

Must be pre-ordered and paid for prior to delivery or pick-up. 


Sustainable Clay pots available in sizes- M,L,XL -custom colour/glaze optional